Journey of the Pioneer: strange travels in grief

A round window with studded metal frame and handle.

I wrote Journey of the Pioneer as a short story in 2020. It was a gruelling write (so I’m going to keep this brief), but it was cathartic.

The story was about human colonists travelling to a new planet, but it was influenced by real life events that happened around the time I wrote.

I had just lost someone I loved. It felt like I had left the old world and was drifting in space. There was no solid ground under my feet; a new world loomed up ahead but it was unfamiliar and frightening. I gave these experiences to the main character, Leo.

It took me time to realise that I should let the people around me help. Once I was able to talk to them about what I was feeling, my emotions began to settle.

This was a long process, and it hasn’t ended yet. But like me, Leo learnt that:

There is always someone to help us carry our burdens. We’re pioneers on a strange journey, but we don’t have to go alone.

It might feel safe to keep everything inside, but it can become harmful. If you notice unusual mental or physical symptoms, it’s good to talk them over with someone you trust.

The new world is not like the old; but it’s beautiful in its own way. Just wait – one day it will feel like home.

Gigantic rock formations emerge from the sea under a grey sky. Bright rays of light gleam through through the clouds. Watchers can be seen in silhouette.

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Journey of the Pioneer was first published in The Big Issue Fiction Edition 2020.

Carry each other’s burdens. – Galatians 6:2, NIV Bible.

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