I’m a writer of speculative fiction and love following my thoughts to the horizon. I live and work in Gippsland, Gunai/Kurnai country, where going out in the weather is an adventure. My work has been published in the Big Issue Fiction Edition, Aurealis magazine and several anthologies.

Here are a few things I like:

Writers’ groups:

I’ve joined a writers’ group in every town where I’ve lived. If you’re a writer, I highly recommend finding a group or at least a good writing buddy or beta-reader. Thoughtful feedback is priceless.

If you’re a Christian writer looking for an online writers’ group, I love Gracewriters: encouraging and friendly, with some amazing minds, faiths and experience in the mix.

Book clubs:

I’m currently leading two book clubs. They aren’t the serious, question-list kind of book club, but the kind where you chat and catch up, eat and drink, fall into deep conversations about the book’s themes and suddenly realise you’ve been there over three hours.

A beige button-tufted office chair beside a wooden desk covered with papers
A tan and charcoal kelpie is curled up in a leopard print dog bed.

Rescue dogs:

My family adopted a rescue kelpie who failed at being a sheepdog because she loves people so much. She’s very happy in town now, and spends her days snoozing around the house, going on the occasional walk, and standing on our feet waiting for falling scraps whenever we grate cheese or wipe the bench.

Buying local:

Whether it’s honey from the small batch beekeeper down your street or pre-loved books from the op-shop, the footprint is small and you’re supporting your community, the people you pass on the street every day.

5 Year Diaries:

I got a Midori recycled leather five year diary as a birthday present, which has lovely paper that handles ink. In the end, though, the brand doesn’t really matter. I just like the idea of recording the standout moment of each day, and comparing it to the same day in past years. It helps me to keep a tiny hold of the time that flies so fast.

And I like these books 😊