I love finding something in a story that sheds light in the real world – this is what I try to create when I write. I craft fiction from trains of thought, dreams, experiences and odd facts.

If your heart is anxious, or grieving, or lonely, or frustrated, my hope is you’ll find comfort and understanding here.

If you’re feeling strong and in need of nothing, I hope you’ll still enjoy what you read, and find something that resonates with you.

If you’re somewhere in between, I hope what you read helps you keep moving towards strength and peace.

Thank you for pausing with me here. May our next steps take us somewhere better than we can imagine.

Jennie Del Mastro

I’m a writer of speculative fiction and love following my thoughts to the horizon. I live and work in Gippsland, Gunai/Kurnai country, where going out in the weather is an adventure. My work has been published in the Big Issue Fiction Edition, Aurealis magazine and several anthologies.

To read my short stories you may need to buy or borrow a book, or have a particular magazine subscription. My blog posts on this website are free to read.